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  NY DJIA 22,371 13.20%
  NY NASDAQ 6,461 20.03%
  London FTSE 7,275 1.85%
  Tokyo Nikkei 20,299 6.20%
  Shanghai SSE 3,347 3.01%
  Frankfurt DAX 12,562 9.41%
  Paris CAC 40 5,237 7.72%
  Singapore SGX 3,220 11.80%
  Malaysia KLSE 1,774 8.04%
  Thailand SET 1,673 8.40%
  GBP 0.74 0.89
  JPY 111.52 133.92
  EUR 0.83 -
  USD - 1.20
  CNY 6.57 7.89
  CAD 1.23 1.47
  AUD 1.25 1.50
  HKD 7.80 9.37
  Gold $1,315.90 14.34%
  Brent Crude $55.36 0.73%
  Silver $17.36 5.60%
  Platinum $955.52 0.37%
  Natural Gas $3.13 -4.51%
  Wheat $444.50 9.48%
    Updated On 20-09-2017
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Mar 2017
Confidence among European and global fund managers is increasing, with many seeing European equities as undervalued as the macro landscape improves.
Feb 2017
A 17-year bear market is over. The next two to three years could be the best time in decades to be invested in the UK stockmarket. Expect the FTSE 100 to smash through 8,000 - maybe even run on to 10,000.
Jan 2017
Financial advisers are expected to invest more in 'smoothed' multi-asset funds over the next two years as a response to market uncertainty.
Jan 2017
Chinese cities hold the top four spots in a global ranking measuring economic growth, wealth levels and size of working population.
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